• Compassion: Kind Words (2007)
  • Nobody Will Hurt You (2006)
  • Vakth=Time

    A site-specific installation created for a group exhibition titled Out of bounds at Nexus, Contemporary Art Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. It was funded by Olympiad and shown during the Olympics. The eight artists were: Eduardo Kac, Elizabeth King, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Radcliffe Bailey, Hoang van Bui, Dawn DeDeaux, Edouard Duval-Carrie, and Terri Lindbloom.

    This work consisted of two steel cones surrounded by steel scaffolding. Within one cone was a video suspended from the scaffolding depicting a woman making chapattis. Freshly sheared sheepıs wool filled the other cone. On a wall next to the cones were black and white mural prints supported by a steel structure.